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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pukki-verblyf?

The NWU-PUK makes the process easier to get good, reliable accommodation. Pukki-verblyf is an estate agency on the campus that specializes in student accommodation to make it easier for you to obtain safe, affordable accommodation. It also gives Landlords the peace of mind that their student properties are occupied at all times with the right tenant.

Who may use Pukki-verblyf?

Anyone looking for accommodation in the Potchefstroom area. It includes prospective, senior and also postgraduate students. This website may also be used by international students and staff of the University.

If I show interest in a unit, am I compelled to take the unit?

If you show interest, the system will notify the relevant lessor and/or owner. They will then contact you within 48 hours to follow up. However, there is no obligation to take the unit if you are not interested.

Are there costs involved in registration?

There are no registration fees involved with this website. The registration process only helps the estate agent to have your information at hand if you are interested in a unit.

Can I be interested in more than one unit at a time?

Yes, it is possible. If it is leased by more than one estate agent, you will receive a call from the different agents.

Is the personal information that I provide handled confidentially?

This information can only be used by the system and is not made public. Only if you indicate that you are interested in a unit, will your information be sent to the relevant estate agent. They in turn will only follow up on the particular unit as contained in the agreement with them.

Who are the lessors?

Pukki-verblyf is an estate-agency on campus that makes it more accessible for individuals affiliated with the University to obtain accommodation. The lessors are private owners that mandated Pukki-verblyf to rent out the units on their behalf.

How do I become a lessor?

If you want to add your property to the Pukki-verblyf portfolio, you can send an e-mail to info@nwupukkiverblyf.co.za and you will be contacted in due time.

What is the target date to take up residence?

This is the date on which you plan to move in. If you key in a target date, the website will search 45 days before and after the planned date.

What is a bachelors?

This is a unit where one person resides. It is an open-plan flat with a bathroom and a kitchen area. The room is also the living area in this case.

What is a room in a townhouse or flat?

This is usually a room that is leased inside a townhouse and/or flat. The person then shares the unit with another person.

What is a garden flat?

This is usually a unit on a house's premises, which functions separately from the main house.

What is a room in a student house?

A student house is usually managed by an owner or agent where rooms in this unit are leased to a student. The student usually shares the bathrooms, kitchen and living area. In some instances, additional cleaning and garden services are provided.

What is partly furnished?

Partly furnished means that some of the furniture is available in the unit. It can be that some of the bigger items are made available, such as beds, fridges, washing machines, etc. The criteria are, however, listed on the website if there are further enquiries in this regard.

What is a town residence?

A town residence, also known as a Day House, is not a building with rooms in which people live, but rather a term that is used to identify this group of students. In this way they make friends, have a support network in town and also participate in this context in the organised student life. For more information, look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgejs6eL9Jg&list=UU-s-VVMcio9E20ARLWDHNLg&index=7&feature=plcp

How do I join a town residence?

Send an e-mail to info@nwupukkiverblyf.co.za if you need the registration documents or need additional information with regard to a town residence. Enquiries can also be directed to the town residence in question, since they know how many students can still be registered.